From oil changes to full engine builds, Buckhead Auto Sport is the team to trust.

You bought your European sports car because it is unique, fierce, and luxurious. When it comes to European Sports Car service, you need a sports garage that recognizes and provides your car’s special, exclusive service needs.   

Buckhead Auto Sport specializes in providing services for European cars such as:  

Audi Repair
BMW/Mini Repair
Land Rover Repair
Porsche Repair
Volkswagen Repair
Bentley Repair
Range Rover Repair
Jaguar Repair
Mercedes Repair
Volvo Repair
Buckhead Auto Sport specializes in providing services for European cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Land Rover, Car services

Service Fit  for Your Car

Your car is an investment, and you need to protect it. If you drive your European sports car regularly, but don’t take it in for regular maintenance, your investment will rapidly deteriorate! Keep your car in its best condition with the highest up-to-date standards with Buckhead Auto Sport Maintenance Services . Whether it’s brand new, or has been your partner for years, Buckhead Auto Sport has the skills, tools, resources, and the dedication to get and keep your European car in its highest potential.
Buckhead Autosport maintenance, keep your car in tip-top condition

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Condition

If you live in Buckhead you get the best of luxury: the best high end bars, restaurants, and shopping Atlanta has to offer. Buckhead Auto Sport maintains that level of comfort with our exclusive Concierge Service . We will take care of picking up your car and dropping it off without you having to change your schedule or even lift a finger. Buckhead Auto Sport wants people to not worry about finding time. Instead, we want residents of Buckhead to wake up that morning and say, "I'll get my car done today even though I'm slammed all day at work.”​     
Buckhead Auto Sport car repair and maintenance

Track Prep Expertise

Buckhead Auto Sport has a deep understanding of what happens during your weekend track events. We know what your car goes through as you push it to its limits, and what it needs to continuously perform better than it did before. You need repair and maintenance services fit for your passion that no other general car service providers can match. Buckhead Auto Sport knows your car and what it needs so you can spend less time in our garage and more time in the track.

Meet the Team at Buckhead Auto Sport

Hi, my name is Stephen Adams, Owner/Operator of Buckhead Auto Sport. After working all these years in Buckhead, I haven't seen a shop that provides customers with the personal touch and concierge service that I have provided for my customers over the years. There should be a shop you can call in the middle of an emergency or a last-minute trip out of town to have your car checked out and not have to wait 2 days, like what most shops do. And that’s exactly why Buckhead Auto Sport was created.

Our schedule works around your schedule. Life is not predictable, and not everything can be planned. So when you find yourself in a bind, call Buckhead Auto Sport and we'll get you back on track.

Hear what our customers have to say:

  1. Michael-Thomas Executive Search Stephen Adams is an exceptional manager who takes pride in delivering the best quality service in all of Atlanta. He has a reputation of giving customers their complete satisfaction that they deserve. Stephen has built a reputation of an on time service that is hard to beat. I recommend his repair facility to all my friends and clients.
    Michael W Collentine, Managing Partner
  2. TV host and Personality I've been to a lot shops. For me, finding the right one is about more than just getting quality work; it’s about listening, getting me in when I need to, a quick turn around, and most importantly, honesty. Stephen's been taking care of my car for years and trust me, that’s exactly what his new customers can expect!
    Kimberley Kennedy

We offer European car repair services in the Atlanta, GA area including the following zip codes 30342, 30327, 30328, 30305 and 30319.